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Is it normal for my Jack Russell...her nipples are very big?
My Jack Russell is on heat. Her nipples are very big. Is it normal or is there a possibility that she can be pregnant? We kept her away from other dogs.
this is normal stuff and it happens during heat when the hormones get flowing, it's all part of the heat, any vet or dog breeder can tell you
I have very big nipples...?
they're an inch long, and they grow bigger when i'm cold or excited...personally i love my big nipples but i feel that others would find them i've never let no one see them before, i always keep them covered...i dont want to do that anymore. I feel im missing out, i have very sensitive nipples and i'd love for them to be sucked, so, do you think people will find them a turn off or turn on? Should i keep them covered?
Girl Please!! i have seen some pretty freaky boobs! well my best friends but hey we are all girls. Anywho. dont worry about your boobs, im sure they are great and guys will like bite size nipples!! look at it as something you got that another girl dont got!! love your body its what god gave you, what makes you special!! ahehe
My friend has big nice breasts but very small nipples,How to enhance size of nipples?
She is brestfeeding mother and she wants her baby should get a bigger nipple of his mother in his mouth.
There's no way for her to do that.
Hi my dogs nipples are still very big after being in heat I don't know if she is pregnant?
It has been a month since being in heat and she has gained a pound since then. She was in contact with a male dog a WEEK after she stopped bleeding. Is it still possible that she got pregnant?
If she came into contact with another dog, she could be pregnant. It's also possible for dogs to have what they call a false pregnancy. My grandmothers dachshund went through this and her nipples became enlarged. But you'd have to go to the vet to be sure.
I have big nipples and look very awkward if I wear a fitted shirt?
I'm a 14 year old boy and I'm about 132 pounds!
I'm chubby but not obese or anything! If I loose weight will that make my nipples normal?? Or do you think I should start bodybuilding.. And I will grow muscles on my chest??
your weight won't affect the size of your nipples I'm afraid. If it bothers you that much then go to your doctor.
My boxer ***** was in season over 1 month ago, but her nipples still seem very big, is this normal?
Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank You
If she wasn't bred she's just going through a false pregnancy. Normal.
Big problem! I have very weird nipples!?
Hi, I'm a man, 18 years old, chubby but not fat.
Since I was like 13, I noticed my nipples got very big, or bloated. Also, when I put pressure on them, some liquid comes out of them. It has been a really big problem for me, since its really uncomfortable to get into a pool, for example, or to take off my shirt for any reason. Is this normal? Any ideas? thanks...
Gynecomastia, or gynaecomastia is the development of abnormally large mammary glands in males resulting in breast enlargement, which can sometimes cause secretion of milk. The condition can occur physiologically in neonates (due to female hormones from the mother), in adolescence, and in the elderly. In adolescent boys the condition is often a source of distress, but for the large majority of boys whose pubertal gynecomastia is not due to obesity, the breast development shrinks or disappears within a couple of years.
Are very large nipples a turn on or off for guys?
Just wondering, i have very big nipples. do guys find it a turn on? SOmetimes i get embarrased
Don't worry about it. Guys might have preferences, likes, or dislikes, but a guy isn't going to reject you because you have big nipples. If he's seeing your nipples he's happy.

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