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Is it possible to be addicted to sex cams?
I think I may have a sex cam addiction. I've never had a proper girlfriend and I think the added thing of being able to talk to a girl whilst she is naked appeals to me more than porn. I've spent about $2000 in the last 2 years and when I try and stop will just find myself going back to it when I'm bored. I don't really want to do it but when I'm doing it it feels good but immediately afterwards I feel like scum. Can you be addicted to sex cams?
You can be addicted to anything if your mind is week to it.
Porn is a huge business, the only reason it's around is because of men and their impure minds.
Once your into porn, it's very hard to get out of it because it's everywhere you look, just go to the cinema and you can bet any money there will be some sort of sex scene.

The whole industry is a nightmare, it screws up your image of women and makes you so insecure in relationships.

Try not to look at it and get your mind onto something clean, try going out when you think of it or reading a book....anything.

I still struggle with it now, 10 years on
I want to know how to stop the smut invitations to join the yahoo sex cams I never 'signed up' to confirm it?
I got this and another ID and both are being bombarded with the emails wanting me to 'confirm' my request to join these groups....They come from several different names I don't know how to make it stop without clicking on them This is in the poorest taste to me. Why aren't all the other 'groups' sending to me if this is a practice of being a member of Yahoo
This will probably be a bit time consuming but opening a different tab & going back forth to add the Urls of the harassing addresses will get it done quicker & hopefully put a stop to it once & for all*…
Are there any free web sex cams?
other than are there any other sites where u can watch sex cams for free with no signup? - free web cam chat site
Do you think its ok for your husband of 2 years to look at porn and live web sex cams and in ur town?
he looks at porn sites like thats not bad enough but not looking at personals in your town and live chat sex cams too. im i being a prude wife to be feeling mad as hell?
He should NOT be doing this. Sounds like he is cheating on you. Tell him the porn and the internet goes or you go.Dont be surprised if he offers to help you pack.Look on the bright side though, you won't be losing anything good if he does.
No account live sex cams?
does anyone know any live sex cams where you don't have to pay or give credit card details (don't like the idea of putting credit card details on the internet)
I think what your looking for is this site:
Is the streamray cams adult live sex web site is a scam or not?
the site is call streamray cams. i think it a scams because i read a lot of complaints about it on the complaints board site online. they put negative funds on my debit card. i had to go to the bank and they said they were doing a investagation on the site. now i am worry that they will blame it on me. but i never ever join the web site. i had to cancel my debit card because of them. now they going on a investgation on the live sex cams site. Can you give any evidence that the web site is a complete scams?
this website you mention is scam/(kind of phish)website,also i find out that this website does engaged in the distribution of malware.
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also this website is on the list of adult "shock sites ---

Porn site! Adults only equal malware.but not all the time,the reason why malware was on mostly porn sites is the malware writers knew that computer users tempt to take a look to porno sites to fulfill their pleasure.So they do that to make profit and money.
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I hope this helps you a lot!thanks..that`s all info i can help you with this,but i cant help you with your money/banking account..
What is a good online sex cam that is free?
I'm looking for a website with an online sex cam that has hot girls but I don't have to make an account or get a membership and where I don't need to spend money on credits or anything to tip the girls. Also I don't have a credit card yet so even if it's free it can't me for a credit card. Please answer thanks.
Hee hee,we all want that
Are there any live sex cams sites?
hey i want to join a free site that i can watch a girl please me and she can also see me with my webcam any sites u can do this?
its not a sex site but people use chatroulette and omegle to have fun with:)

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