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If someone likes to be naked in public places but doesn't want to be seen, are they still an exhibitionist?
I know a few people who enjoy the risk of being naked in a public place. None of them require a person to flash to. Many actually take great lengths not to be seen, although some others don't mind if they are seen or at least seen from a distance.
Does this still constitute exhibitionism?
They might be nudists.
I like to be naked and if I didn't think I would offend anyone I wouldn't mind being seen.
Why does the perception persist that gays engage in public sex acts more often than straights?
Look at all the nude in public/exhibitionist sites - they are almost exclusively hetero.
Also, gays do not usually engage in the more risky public sex acts, such as getting it on at the upper deck in ballparks, or in movie theatres. Gay men usually cruise in restrooms (which heteros do as well), or parks/rest areas AT NIGHT, when guyren are very unlikely to be around. Straights will do it in libraries, bookstores, in addition to what I mentioned above.
So again, why do many straights accuse the lgbt population of engaging in public sex more often than the straight population?
Well simply put, because it doesn't make the news.

You don't hear of heterosexuals getting caught, because when they do it's not publicized, yet if homosexuals get caught, it's an anomaly, and thus is reported with vigor.

The news loves anomalies. Another example is the lower rate of violence, but a higher rate of reports on violence.

So it's because it's so heavily reported, that's all.
How do I walk naked in public?
I have always had this exhibitionist fantasy of walking in public naked while loads of people watch. Does anybody out there know of any cool way to do this and not get arrested for indecent exposure?
Go to Oregon. Public nudity is not illegal there, and there have been many cases where people have actually walked down the road nude.
Why white guys like to expose their bodies in public in Asia?
I dunno about in western countries but in East Asia, where I live now, nobody go topless in public, I just saw a white guy running topless today, and it's winter now. Why do they do that? Are they exhibitionist? Do they do that in their home country or they just do that in Asia to show off their hairy body which frankly nobody need to see them? What don't they have respect to other people?
Men sometimes go topless in Britain and America - only in summertime though - I completely understand what your saying, they need to respect and abide by the laws of the land they are in.
I find it easier to be an Internet exhibitionist than to actually be like this in public.?
Are any of you like this? What does this really mean about me? Sometimes I think I should feel guilty but then I convince myself that it is only online and its all fake. I dunno.
I'm not sure what you mean by "internet exhibitionist". Do you mean you like to get naked on the internet? I'm a bit of an exhibitionist but I prefer doing it in public. One, it's more fun and two, no evidence...well, there have been a few incidents with a camera phone but oh well.
What do you think about women exposing their breasts in public after getting breast implants?
I have noticed that a large number of women who get breast implants become exhibitionists and often bare their breast in public. I have been wondering why is that and I decided to take a survey. What's your opinion? Do you think that having silicone implants may affect a woman's sense of shame and privacy?
I think it's gross.
I know it's something they paid for and they love to show them off, but you can show them off in a bathing suit. No one needs to see your full bare chest to show off an implant job.

Some women need to learn how to respect themselves.
I know a girl who had her boobs done and she was always showing people and making them touch them.
Is it ILLEGAL to wear a thong bathing suit in public in Ontario Canada?
i like to wear a thong bathing suit when i am out for a walk in the country. I like it for the exhibitionist in me and the cmfort of the garment. I would like to wear it in public eg. walking down the street etc.
under your clothes or just wearing that ?
if under your clothes no one should care
How do i deal with my exhibitionist ways?
i have been noticing that lately when me and my boyfriend are out in public i get all these dirty thoughts and i want to do him right then and there.But when i finally get the house to myself,i invite my boyfriend over and the drives aren't near as strong.all i want to do is kiss and cuddle.
i don't know what to do,i haven't had good sex in a long time.
Just try making out heavily in public and see his reaction..... why not?!!! If he is not into it, he is frigid and too uptite. Hmmm.....
Most guys would kill to have an adventerious babe like you!!!
How do we legally stop women from breastfeeding in public?
It's sickening that even Conservative states like Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, etc. are now putting in legal protection for public breastfeeders. Don't these women have any shame? Why must they be such blatant deviant exhibitionists?
Clothes pins.
Does anyone else find it disgusting when women apply makeup for the day on public transport?
I mean, there is something so exhibitionist about it. It is admirable in a way, the way a woman can convert herself from Bo Diddley to Bo Derek in 15 minutes flat.

Does it bother anyone else?
OMG i hate it! The worst the absolute worst it the modern obsession with lip balm..some women will be in the middle of a conversation with you and think it's OK to start raking in the bag to apply lip salve for the 400th time that day..Just how scabby can their gob be?

I hate it when they tug at their hair constantly pulling it down and straighter only they cant do it properly because of their false nails..

Women who brush their hair in front of me on the bus!!! WTF? How rude is that?

I've got a friend who puts make up on any where( the one who peed on me leg)..we have many a heated discussion.I cringe I don't even want to be associated with it..I'm not sure why I'm bothered its just the height of vanity I effing bothered can you be?

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