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Are petite blonde women considered more attractive then petite brunettes?
I have noticed that most of the short women on TV (Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Kristin Chenoweth) are blonde. I was wondering if petite blondes are considered more attractive then petite brunettes? I am referring to whites in both cases. (I am 5'0 and have fairly long brown hair.)
I am five foot and have long blonde (yes natural) hair. One of my best friends is about 5'2" and has long brown hair. We have very similar body types as well. Though we are now both in very committed relationships, when we were not and went out often, we were offered drinks and had other sorts of passes made about equally, regardless of what we wore (she was a bit more daring). Judging by that, I would say there is a lot to personal preference and personality (I am very much girl next door-I am often called "cute" or sweet, she is more glamorous). I think these preferences occur fairly equally.
Why is it I can only have relationships with petite blonde women ?
Not that theres anything wrong with petite blonde women but I do like other hair colors but never have more than meaningless relations shall we say with the other colors of hair ?
so date someone different.
;o) Im available!!! LOL
Why am i attracted to petite blonde haired girls so much?
So i'm a guy...and I love girls... but everytime I meet or I see a hot blonde, i can't even look at a brunette... I mean it's just hair color... why do i find blondes so attractive?
Because you're gay.
What should I be for Halloween? Blonde 17 year old girl and petite?
I'm 5'2", blonde, blue eyes, petite, and I have freckles. I've had several suggestions for Audrey Hepburn (yeah, I know), but I really don't think I can pull that off. Any suggestions?
Yes you can go as a girl pirate
- Girl Pirates look cute and sexy

From foot to head (of things you should have in your home) that you can use for the costume:

Black Shoes
Black tights
Black mini-skirt (or shorts)
White or yellow shirt
Waist Coat - preferably Black, but any colour wilol do
Red/Green Neck Scarf
Hair done Gofic
Heavy Make-up

Let me know how it goes or if it looks good
Are most petite blonde girls naturally submissive?
It feels so right for me.
Not necessarily but when they are it is so good for us both
Where in NYC can i find barely legal petite curly blonde girls?
i love those girls and they get my blood pumping faster than any other types of girls.
I hear they have some on Rikers Island.
Guys: Which would you prefer, a tall brunette or a petite blonde?
Taking in that they both had good personalities and were attractive, which would you prefer: A tall brunette (green eyes, 5'10 1/2, light olive skin, dark brown hair, B cup size chest and nice bum), or a petite blonde (blue eyes, 5'2/5'3, larger chest, pale skin)?
Petite blonde, but only because of the petite factor, not the hair color.
What colors should a light blonde wear for prom? Is it okay to wear a long dress if you're petite?
I'm petite (5'2") but have curves, and blonde haired with hazel eyes. I'm just clueless as what to do for prom dresses. Help!
Emerald green would be pretty- just don't drown yourself in ruffles and layers. A simple cut would be nice on a small curvy frame.
Who are some hot, tall, thin, & petite blonde p*rnstars?
Need help listing all the blonde petite hotties...
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