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How do girls pee at outdoor music festival?
I really want to go to Glastonbury this year - I know it sounds stupid but I'm really worried about having to pee. My friends have told me that the toilets are often un-useable and you can get stuck in big crowds with no loo. They've told me you just have to hold it but I don't know if I can - I've got quite a weak bladder and normally have to go quite often.

What do you do?
I went to Glastonbury and they give you a magic box to pee in!?

Sounds weird yes but it is like a tube that you attach to you and then wee out of standing up! Just like being a man!

I cant remember what they are called

Glastonbury also has lots of toilets around so there are always ones nearby x
When you have to pee bad at an outdoor music festival and you're a girl would you?
A. pee in a cup
B. pee your pants
C. pee in the nearby woods
D. hold it in
Those small plastic portable buildings at such events are called Port-a-Pottys, and you might add them to your list of options.
Yes, they smell, but you don't have to be in there long.

Then there's also the "Depends" adult diaper option....
Where do girls pee when the have a soccer practice?
im just wondering where girls pee when they have soccer or soccer practice and theres no bathrooms. where do you do it because im starting outdoor soccer soon for the first time and i need to where to pee.
thy water the grass that why the fields are always wet.
Girls - if the apartment building pool doesn't have a bathroom - where to pee?
My family moved to a large but older apartment place. There is an outdoor pool on the other side of the buildings but it doesn't have bathrooms. And it seems like me and my sister always have to pee when we're swimming!

My sister thought it would be best to just pop a squat in the far corner by this little fence thing and just go pee on the deck. Is that alright? What do you usually do in this situation?
While that might seem better than peeing the pool, and probably is, it's really not socially correct for young ladies to do that, unless there's absolutely no one else around I'd just go in the pool. Boys, can get away with a lot more, we have a similar situation at our pool, except there is a dressing hut where the boys pee, but most folks would think it crude for girls to do so. I think you'd be surprised how many mothers pee in pools, when your guys are in the pool you don't want to leave them alone to run to the bathroom, nor do you want to announce to them, "everyone out for a few minutes while mom runs home to pee," I know all the moms I see at our pool just go in the pool, might as well get used to the idea of doing so know, it's not going to hurt anything.
Outdoor peeing?
Following on from my question as to why girls use the toilets in twosomes how many of you girls have squatted and peed when you have been caught short?
washington dc... good times...
GIRLS.. when is the last time u PEED outdoor?
or have u ever peed outside? like in the bushes , behind the tree or something lol
March 14th. The only reason i remember that is because we were coming back from my nephew's birthday party out of town and there was NO bathroom for the next 70 miles, so of course i copped-a-squat! LOL
Neighbours dog keeps peeing on our outdoor furniture.is there any kind of spary to stop it?
i have a dog and the neighbours dog likes to come over to play with her. i am completely fine with this as she likes his company and his owners are ok with it also as wel live in a rural area and he always goes home after playing so there is no problems there. also dont worry as my girl is fixed. but he however is not and therefore when he comes he likes to pee all over the outdoor furniture. is there something like pepper or lemon or something i can put on the area so he doesnt do it? a natural home made remedy as i like him coming over but am sick of cleaning after him.
there is a spray i buy at walmart even that is a training spray to keep your pets off stuff but if you read the can it can be used outside to keep other animals away also.
Outdoor cat to Indoor cat - Need Help!?
I have just moved into an apartment with my nearly 10 year old cat. We moved from a big house with a huge garden to a tiny flat because my parents split up. She behaves like a good girl (pees in the litter box, doesn't meow or claw) but she seems depressed. She still comes up for pats etc. but she doesn't want to do anything but sleep or stare outside the window hopelessly. I know she's getting older and lazier, but I just sense that she feels really sad. She wouldn't miss my other family members because the only one she got on with was me and my dad who I'm living with now (the rest hated cats).

What can I do to make her happier? She doesn't really like to play with toys (I think she knows they're not reat) and she doesn't know how to use her scratching post.
I was thinking or rubbing some catnip on some toys and her post?
Also, i was thinking of growing a metre square of grass indoors so she can roll around in it?
What are some other ideas?
I have 5 cats 3 of which were outdoor cats that are now 100% indoor because I moved. Only one of them seems sad to be stuck in the house all the time but he plays with the toys and is fine. I keep in mind it's much safer and he hasnt tried to get back out. I use a laser light they all love that. He does play with the other cats. Window seats. It keeps them stimulated. It may seem like they are sad but their minds are working and thinking about everything going on outside. Maybe a bird feeder by the window.
How to get a cat to stop peeing in the house?
my mom has 3 cats that all pee in the kitchen, and they never used to. 2 are boys and one is a girl and the girl is fixed and one of the boys are fixed. They have a litter box that is always clean, and the are indoor outdoor cats. The girl used to always pee and poop in my moms bathroom, so she started keeping her bathroom shut and now for some reason all of the cats keep peeing in the kitchen. We have caught them squating on the burner, and every morning she wakes up to a pile of pee on the floor. They never used to pee in there, but the last few months its constant. The house is clean, along with there litter box, so I dont see why they are doing it. She has tried evey product imaginable to stop them from doing it again but they always do. She has to keep a mop handy right in the kitchen to clean it up. Does anyone know why they could be doing this, and is there anything that actually will stop them from peeing anywhere but the litter box anymore?
First off, cats should never be punished or disciplined.

Second, if your house clean and if it is are you using an enzyme dissolver made for animal urine. They can smell there own enzymes even after it is cleaned up. So in their minds where ever smells like a toilet is a toilet. Also try putting litter boxes where they go and a litter box per a cat is a must.

If that doesn't work but there food where they go. No animal will go where they eat and sleep. IF that does not work, take them to a veterinarian and have them checked out, it could be a medical problem, cats don't act sick when they are, until it is too late.

Also try cleaning the area with vinegar and water solution it may help too and not harmful to animals.

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