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Gay male nude strippers?
Is there a guide available listing nude gay strip bars and clubs on the net or elsewhere for travelers?
Haha .... I once went to one in Alaska but things had shrivelled up a bit.
Where can I find images of Nude Male Models for drawing?
I am looking to do artistic nude drawings of a nude male model for a muscle study. I tried search engines, but all I keep getting is gay porn. =P Any ideas? has many nude photos that you can probably use. Look under artistic nudes. Also, look for sketches by the Renaissance artists who did nudes (Da Vinci, Michelangelo) as those painters/sculptors were focusing a great deal on the musculator of their models.
Nude with friends??? im not gay its a male bonding thing too me?
Im straight for sure! But you see there is this issue see my friends stay the night at my house a lot * were all 13* there only 3 of us including me and when ever I get nude I always have to keep a blanket covering me. So our last one went like this "hey so do you guys mind if you naked with a blanket on though!* and they both said at the same time "sure as long as you dont take it off" but long story short I would like to be able to bond with my male friends and take the blanket off! And even get them to join! Is there any possible way to breach this with my friends??? Plz remember that im straight and would like that people dont say stuff like "your gay" its not like that I want to bond! I hope someone answers soon since therw commin again in a week!
I completely understand your problem i had the same one not to long ago. Just ask if they want to compare penis lengths to see who's longer, that way it dint seem gay, and if they say no just talk them into it by saying "C'mon we all have one, its not gay or anything its normal" and that worked on my friends and we are all a lot closer now, but if that don't work then they probably are self conscious about there body and don't feel comfortable and if that is the case don't push him to do it, it may destroy your friendship
I found a nude male magazine in my boyfriend's room? Could he be gay?
I spent the day at my boyfriend's house and in his room near his cd player he had a magazine with nude, really toned and muscular guys in it? I'm starting to wonder if he is gay or not. Obviously I will respect it if he is as much as I possibly can but I am just a little shocked.

He'll also look through my cosmo mags too and will mention about what the guy is wearing and how nice their suit is, etc. He's also said to me that he believes every one on the planet is not 100% straight and that there's no such thing. He has told me that when he was younger he used to experiement quite a bit with both sexes but now that hes older, he has no interest in that and that hes ready to settle down with me. Our relationship on a physical level is as fine there as the next couple, I suppose,without saying too much information but do you think its possible he could be gay?
Don't worry Garr, you're boyfriend is gay. You don't have to worry about him running off with any breeders.

From your Pulse: "Garr - 26 - Male"…

Troll harder. :)
Where can I buy a tasteful male nude picture?
My gay brother's birthday is coming up and I'm redecorating his flat for him as a surprise while he's overseas working. Would really like to hang a large male nude in his bedroom. Possibly a drawing?
Don't have a huge budget so up to around £50.
Send me the fifty pounds and i'll get my camera! lol. Or you could check this site out:…

Ebay often has some good stuff as well not that I often buy pictures of naked men.
Gay male community only ?
Am I attractive to the gay community?
I've worked hard on changing my appearance, I used to weigh 265 to 285 lbs, in 7 months I lost 117lbs., and more now. My goal is 140#,28 waist, I' m 5o yrs old, and look 10 years younger, I'm a fire plug, former boxer, short military haircut, dark tanned body, furry,S&P beard, very masculine, couple of tatt's. Behr material( the H stands for healthy). The reason I ask, is I was real frumpy when I was heavy,out of shape, and sick, now that I've gotten healthier, and look good, I find myself wanting to be eye-candy, oh and no loose skin I've tighten it up with exercise. I want to wear tighter clothes, and wear less of it, and I take my swim trunks off at the gay nude beach now. Am I being vain? Is it wrong to want to be eye-candy? Has anyone else gone through this or know of someone who has, most people in the gym have been in great shape all of their life, and most of the aren't gay this is more for a gay male perspective? Something I wanted to add, I'm in a stable relationship, and he likes the way I look, but frowns on the less close thing, I want to know if gay males like to see this or are the just looking for a average person, and I made this change because of health for me and because of a career change. And 50 is not old, its a number, and I'm told by lots I look to be in my late 30's. So I must be doing something correct?
Is it a bad thing, not where I am standing no. I think you are old enough and level headed to do this, I don't see why not. If you were 16 I may have an issue, however if you put the time into your body and feel sexy for the first time in your life, then I say you have free reign to do whatever you want really.
Ok am i straight or bi or even gay? (14/male)?
ok well ive never ever gotten an erection over a girl i actually once went through a time when i masterbated to nude male pictures but that all stopped ive never been turned on by leso porn or even gay porn i love straight porn though id like to actually get married to a lady and start a relashionship with one i have no interest at all in having a relashionship with a man
Since you aren't sexually attracted to girls at all, and you used to masturbate to pictures of naked guys (what do you jack off to now?), then I would say you're gay, but there's no need to limit or label yourself. I know gay and bi men that don't like gay porn, just straight porn. People are different and like different things, which is great! It would be a big mistake to marry or date a woman if you have no sexual attraction to them. You'll probably change your mind about having a relationship with a man when you're more comfortable with who you are.
I get turned on by ndue male pictures am i gay?
ok im 13 and i would never wanna have sex with a dude and i am not really attracted to them in person and im always hugging chicks and i love it asswell.

but on the internet i was curious so i was looking at theese ndue male pictures and i get erections looking at them and now ever sicne then ive been addicted to nude males

its mainly thee penis i am attracted to.
IGNORE ANY ANSWERS TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE GAY, BI, OR BI-CURIOUS. This does NOT make you gay, it is NOT "how it all starts" or "going to lead to you being gay," or anything else like that. It means NOTHING like that whatsoever. I'm not homophobic or anything, I'm totally fine with gay people and homosexuality itself, though, so please don't get offended by this, anyone.

It's just puberty. At that age, you'll most likely get turned on by anything and everything sexual. It'll probably just pass, and even if it doesn't and you always like to look at them, that doesn't make you gay or bi or anything, since you have no interest in sex with a man or a relationship with one. Don't worry about it.

Oh, and it's fine to look at those kinds of things on the Internet if you feel you can handle it.
Straight Or Gay Men (specify in answer)...If you could see any male celebrity nude, who would it be?
Please don't answer with no one. Don't answer if that's what you plan to put. All men (or most for that matter) are curious what some male celeb is built like, etc.
well, i'd like to see myself. because then i would be famous

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