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Do most women find men wearing panties to be disgusting or worse, or okay and acceptable?
There are a lot of websites promoting men wearing panties, some showing pictures of women posing with them also in panties. Obviously, they find it acceptable and have no issues with it. However, I know for a fact not all women feel this way. Some get ill at the thought. I'd like to hear some opinions and the reasons for those opinions.
Unfortunately, most women are really uptight and find it offensive. There's no good reason for this and people should seriously get over themselves. There are plenty of real problems in the world to worry about....

But some women, even if it doesn't turn them on per se, have no problem with something that their partner enjoys and are willing to go along with it. Some women find it exciting because it's just a little bit naughty or strange.
How do women feel about men wearing panties ?
women if you found out your man was perfectly straight and only liked you or only women in general , but he could not resist wearing pretty panties how would you feel? I know alot of totally straight men wear panties .Satin panties feel so much nicer and the do look much better . what do women think?
I dont know what most women think but honestly, if i found out my boyfriend was into wearing panties, it'd creep me out.
Men in pantiesI want to know how many men wear panties and dose their wife or girl friend know. I have more pa?
I want to know how many men wear panties and dose their wife or girl friend know. I have more panties than my wife.
I find them to fit and feel much better then men undies plus they look a lot nicer then men undies
I like Brazilian cut panties, bikini
yup I do ;) I probably have over 50. I don't even own any male undies at all LOL

I'm not married however everyone I know ( close friends and family) accept me wearing them!
What do women think about men in panties?
Just for messing around, role playing, or just around the house for the wife or girlfriend?
Just messin' =]
Nah, don't do that. It would creep me out.
Very unmanly.
Ladies only: Are any of you interested in sleeping with men wearing panties?
I talked to a few of my friends earlier tonight, and this was a fantasy of theirs. This is the first I heard of it and I wondered if anyone else was interested in it.
Not panties. Personally, I sleep in a slip. I like everything about it. Its soft, sexy, looks good, and its so sensual. I think I am very sensitive to touch and that's why I like them. My husband would just wear a tee shirt and boxers to bed. That was a problem for us. Sometimes I wake up at night and my hormones are on fire, and naturally I go for my husband's privates. But, by the time I would wrestle his shorts off,, well, I just wasn't in the mood anymore. It's so unfair. I couldn't be passionate with my husband when I needed it the most. So I fixed this problem by having him wear a slip too. Its wonderful. Now when I wake up at night I can just give his thingy a couple strokes and it stands to attention. Then one little flip and everything is there for me to enjoy. I can unleash my passions. I love the feel of one slip sliding against the other over his lean, hard body. I run my fingers on the lace trim over his pectoral muscles. Then I go crazy like some wild animal. (I won't go into that.)

No, my husband is not a cross-dresser. He loves me and appreciates my passion. That's all. You just have to experiment to find what works for you.…
Is their a version of panties for men?
I am sick of boxers and briefs. Boxers don't give enough support for the "package" and I don't like the material on my legs because it gets in the way. I don't like briefs for the same length problem of boxers. I really love how panties are the perfect length, they hold everything perfectly, they are super comfy, and the nylon fabric is amazing. I would love to be able to wear them, but I would be really embarrassed wearing panties. Is their a such thing as nylon material panty type underwear for men?
Yes there is. Check out
Should they open a store in the mall that sells bras and panties for men?
Just curious because I know a lot of married men are very kinky.
I would love that! I'm not into wearing bra's, just panties. I don't think it would last very long as it would require lots of guys to come out of the closet. But I would shop their.
Ladies, what do you really think about men wearing panties?
Ladies, I am a male in my 30's and I like to wear women's panties. Now, I am not ashamed in wearing women's panties. I don't like men men's underwear due to them being rough and ugly. So, I switched to wearing panties 24/7. I like them because they're soft and comfy. I have many styles, however my favorite ones are in polyester and pink. So, ladies, do you think it is interesting that a guy wears panties? Do you think it is flattering? Do you think it is a turnoff? Comments and thoughts please! Thank you!
Well im not a lady lol but i am a fellow guy who likes wearing panties and no for all you close minded people out there, i am not gay. Im 18 and have a girlfriend who completley loves it! So i guess this is lucky for me, but i still think that girls are way to pessimistic of it way too fast! It actually is very fun and taboo. It's an awesome fetish and i really dont understand why it isnt a bit more popular! Although if it was considered a normal thing, i dont know how fun the fetish would actually be anymore haha! The benefits of it is that it's actually quite comfortable, its sexy(on conditions that the guy wearing them isn't out of shape and hairy, There are defanitley coniditions for a guy if he wants to wear panties in my opinion!) and just fun! It really spices things up and i really wish it was a bit more aprreciated!
Why is it okay for women to wear men's underwear, but not okay for men to wear panties?
Why is there a societal double standard?

I sleep in my boyfriend's boxers, but if he were to wear my panties I would feel grossed out. Why?
Probably because society deems it unnatural for men to wear panties, or men's thongs. I like it when my b/f's wear them.
Women wear silk shorts, & Men wear microfiber panties. Am out of the loop?
I am a male that wears panties. I throught I waas the only one. I started checking around and it seams a lot of men wear panties. Now I discovered that my wife likes silk shorts to sleep in. Has this change been going on for a long time?
Ummm... This is a discovery of my life.

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