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Masturbation toys...?
im a 16 year old guy and im a virgin, i wanna stay a virgin but i get horny alot. so i masturbate..are there any foods a guy can use to make masturbation more enjoyable? if not any foods then just some household items. thanks
Your hands are you best friends.
What are some good household masturbation toys for guys?
I really love masturbating and want new stuff to do it with. I tried banana and couch, what else are there because I can't buy sex toys yet. Please do not leave bad comments, I am really serious about this. Thanks.
Here is a link to a site you ought to see to get more info about masturbation

What are some good female masturbation ways, without toys?
I am a teenage girl and I have never had sex before, but people tell me that masturbation is another option. I have done it one time, and now I find that I am horny all the time.
What are some good ways I can masturbate really good without buying toys?
if you have one of those shower heads that's removable and you can hold it, hold it down there in the way you like it. sometimes you can also change the speed or pressure, and that's just GREAT. (:
Is their a legal age limit on getting masturbation toys?
If not where can I get them and how much?
A lot of actual sex shops say you have to be 18 to even get in the door. In most states, you can't buy sex toys unless you're 18. However, you could probably get one online like on or something if you have a credit or debit card. They can get pretty pricey, but there are some on the lower end of the price range for $20 or so. If you have a sibling or friend or someone you're really comfortable with that's over 18, you could also ask them to buy one for you and just pay them back. According to my brother, they have them at Spencer's Gifts too.
Where can i buy masturbation toys?
so i live in westminster, ca 92683. does any1 know any stores or anything? ohh btw im a minor and can i go in those stores?
Try Condom Revolution on Beach at Slater. You can go in, just not in the rooms that sell the porno tapes.
Masturbation Toys Around The House?
I'm desperate and broke, and I need household masturbation toys other than curling irons, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, candles, or any food. Please help!
Try your hands, or the water in the tub. Go to the local dollar store and see if anything strikes your fancy. Be very careful when you insert a foreign object. Make sure you wash them thoroughly, or put a condom on. Don't use anything that might break or get stuck.
What are some homemade masturbation "toys"?
I know about the whole tooth brush, hair brush, cucumber, and fingers but what else is there? (For a girl!)
carrot? water bottle?
Do anyone know a site on how to make homemade male masturbation toys or know how to make one?
A lot of people reference this
Masturbation with artificial sex toys for men VS hand?
Even though I am married with two guys, I have to often masturbate because of my wife's weaker sex drive compare to mine. I have been using my hand for years. At this point, I am planning to try sex toys, i.e. artificial vagina, etc..My first question is: Is it worth it? Should I even try?. Also, I do not want my wife see this in the house. Any idea how I can hide that from her. If I buy online, where should I ask it to be sent?
The only reason I would not get this is that she will find out. Plus, you also have to consider clean-up when you are done. And these items are not as efficient or helpful as you might want them to be

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