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Masturbation technique?
i've never tried doing the masturbation technique where you put lube in a sandwhich bag or something and put it between a matress and the boxsprings but i want to try it that way. i was wondering if this is safe to do and also if you guys have any tips.
Alright, here's the best advice by far on the entire internet.

Listen closely guys.

Go do some pushups and pullups. Go to the gym.

Go with some of your dude friends out to a party, club or bar.

Wear a shirt and jeans.

Find a woman, walk up to her with drink in hand, and say Hi.

Things to talk about: weather, compliment her, the environment.
Examples: Hi, I'm Dirka Dirka Muhammad Ali, what's your name?
It's a really nice day, would you like to grab some lunch?
Wow, I really like your hair. Is that your natural hair color?

Make your conversation short and to the point. You're trying to get her number.

If you are at a small party, do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask multiple women from the same party for their numbers. Find the most likely candidate, do what I said and get ONE number. When you fail, go to a different place, and try again. I will put more of this liquid gold for you on my blog, just ask me.
Masturbation technique?
I am a male and I love to master bate but I am board of the same thing over and over again and new masturbation tips/ techniques

Switch hands, stroke the whole length of the shaft, but not all the time; focus on certain parts throughout like the head or the rim of the head or the frenulum, massage the balls, move the skin back and forth over the head, change grip, change speed, use the precum. Masturbation isn't some simple thing man if you want to feel good it takes work, but work that makes it all worthwhile.
Which masturbation technique will lead to the best orgasm one can achieve?
So this is a serious question: I really masturbate a lot and I wanted to know how to get the very best orgasm you can ever get via masturbation. Can you tell me after you how to get it? And please don't say it depends on my body or something like that, I want a specific technique to know how to work it out. Thanks a lot in advance,
By jerking off with one hand and massaging your prostate with a lubed finger up your bum.
That way you will come like never before.
Masturbation Technique?
Any techniques that you can use a bed/blanket/pillow for? No links, please.
If you want to truly enhance your masturbation experience, I would suggest a trampoline...

There is something magical about whackin' off on a trampoline...

Using a tube sock is soooooooooooo 1970's...
What masturbation technique do you use?
I'm sexually open-minded and I like to try new things, so what's your favorite masturbation technique to use? How did you learn how to masturbate in general?
I just have firm grip of my hand around my penis tip and move forward and backward while seeing porn or imagining of a cute gf in my life. I was not aware of it, one day I was just moving foreskin of my penis forward and backward , suddenly I felt different , I felt like some electric current going to my brain , so increase the speed on my hand movement, and wow after some time I ejected the semen 6/7 times and was very happy.
What is the best masturbation technique?
i have tried with some masturbation techniques but all of them do not seem to give me the kick. Is there any technique that you recommend for me? i have just started learning how to masturbate so i'd prefer not to have very intense techniques.
if ur a guy go here
What do you think the best masturbation technique is for guys?
whats your opinion? what do you think the best masturbation technique is for guys? (: specific and detailed.<3
A girl's hand.
Does improper masturbation technique and excessive masturbation durin teen years effect your penis size?
Does an improper masturbation technique and masturbating too freequently when your a teen effect the outcome on the growth, size, and girth of your penis? If so can it be reversed naturally? And does anyone know of any ways to increase the girh of you penis naturally?
Masturbating by rubbing your penis against the bed too hard could damage your uretha and make your penis less sensitive (better to use a couple pillows or other soft objects), but it will not effect the size of your penis. That's determined by your DNA at birth.
It's normal for teen males to masturbate anywhere from a few times a week to a few times a day. I doubt that your masturbation is excessive.

Average length - when measured by medical professionals - is 5 to 5 1/2 inches.
Is the result of this masturbation technique normal?
I am a nineteen yr. old male. I was looking up masturbation techniques on the internet and I found one called "mushrooming". It is when you hold the shaft of your penis and start rubbing the head in a circular manner. It feels like I am about to ejaculate but I end up only urinating. Is that normal, or should semen be coming out? PLEASE HELP ME!
Do you urinate during other mehtods of stimulation? It should not be possible to urinate with a firm erection, as part of the urethra is blocked to be sure the semen does not end up in the bladder during ejaculation. Get some medical help.
What is a amazing male masturbation technique?
I want a technique that will blow my mind. One that can give me like a whole body experience. I would like one where its like so powerful that I can't control my body. Please if anyone has any serious suggestions put it down. (and remember this is for a MALE!) Thank you in advance.
Forget buying anything. The best one is free.

All you need is time.

Abstain from getting off for as long as it takes before you have a nocturnal emission (usually 5 to 10 days). Then, when you do, start slowly, never go fast. Go for at least 20 minutes without losing it. Then just before you blow, stop. Wait for it to get soft again, then start over. Go for another 20 minutes or so (sometimes less after the first try) and then stop again. Do this as many times as you can, at least 3 times. When you finally do go over the edge, you'll have your whole body spasm.

If you're the smoking type, do it with weed, if not, just ignore this last sentence.

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