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If each other tied lesbians are sent to Mars to live how they produce their next successive generation?
If not but tied each other married lesbians are sent to Mars to live
permanently. How they will produce their successive next generation,
please state in science only?
sperm donors... Of course.
Women would have to keep a few good men around... LMAO
How can this girl be so ignorant to think im lesbian just because i have a rainbow key chain on my backpack?
i have a rainbow friendship bracelet tied on my backpack and this girl in my class keeps on telling me that im a lesbian for it

i simply tell her no i just like rainbows doesnt mean im gay but she doesnt care

how can somebody be that STUPID!
im a lesbian. and if you have a rainbow anything that usually means someone is expressing that they are gay. you should get a keychain that says "im not gay i just really like rainbows" if she isnt listening to you when you say you arent gay then just ignore her. its not ignorant to think someone is gay if you have the gay symbol...
I want to pull off a menswear look with a tie without looking like a lesbian?
Can i do that by wearing my long hair down and wearing make-up and jewelry?
wow, i didn't know all lesbians looked the same and all wore neckties.
Where can I find a free full length lesbian bondage movie?
I'm looking for a movie that involves girl on girl bondage, I'm looking more for just scenes where girl A is being tied up by girl B more then full on sexual scenes, although those types of scenes are ok to. I need it for a research project. Thanks in advanced.
Where can I rent or buy a formal suit/tuxedo for a black tie company xmas party for a female/lesbian? Californ
I am a lesbian - no i dont wear dresses..but im not a big bull dykle either - more tom boyish sporty a lil rock and roll... I need help finding something to wear. Please help. I think i want to rent in southern cali.
Any place that rents Tuxedo for men should also be willing to rent you one. They alter them for you when you rent them. These days Rental places don't care who or what you are as long as you pay your bill. You are their customer!
Is this fit punishment for the guys who raped the lesbian?

How about you tie them up in the Castro, SF with pants down by their ankles. Let the local gay guys have their way for an hour or two and we'll call it even. Sounds pretty fair to me, and it saves money that would be spent on jails and juvy right? Good idea?
no they'll probably like it
why not just set them on fire...

ok wait i'm not that cruel make them eat dog sh*t and cat urine!!
My lesbian girlfriend and i want another guy?
we are willing to carry another couples guy, or even donate eggs and carry your guy in exhange if you can pay medical expenses. I have already given birth to six beautiful guyren, but made the mistake of getting my tubes tied after leaving my ex-husband. Our dream is to have a guy of our own while helping someone else with their dreams of having a guy.
yeah you have 6 already

dont be like that octuplet lady

Wearing a tie to school if you are a lesbian... too much?
I've always wanted to wear a tie to school, the problem is not my confidence about wearing the tie, I just don't want to be perceived as weird. I am a lesbian, but i don't want to over do it. Also I don't want my friends to freak out on me... Thanx!
WEAR IT! chicks with ties are hot. I'd do it if I had a tie.
I've just cut my fringe/bangs and now I look like a lesbian?
I mean seriously.. it looks so bad. Do you think I should keep it tied back until it grows back out? I went a little scissor-happy. Now I look like a lesbian with a really short fringe.

hahahah go to a hair cutter and get it fixed cause it sucks looking like a lesbian
62 yr old actress says she is a lesbian and further goes on to say that she made the discovery 7 yrs ago.?
Here is a link to the complete article about Family Ties actress Meredith Baxter in which it says that she is a lesbian:


note: she is a 3-time divorcee and mother of 5

Your thoughts?
If by asking my thoughts you mean *do I want to criticise her?* - No I don't. You are anti-gay which is your problem.

She is in a lesbian relationship and perhaps she is bisexual but either way I do not understand the inference in your question that this issue would have anything whatsoever to do with me (or you) and her love life is her business: she made a statement because a nasty little tabloid was threatening to cause trouble for her.

EDIT: FEX: What perhaps took her so long is the fact that being outed as a lesbian can wreck an acting career, sadly - though things are changing.

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