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Any Ideas for a homemade movie?
Hi. Im 14 years old and our production is going to be making a new homemade movie in a couple of weeks and i was just wondering if any of you guys have any ideas for a new movie. Anyone who i think has a great idea will be credited in my movie. Im looking towards making a Action/Comedy movie but il will be happy to try others except for romance. Check out my youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/Wogboy343
thong man and SPEEDo boy they drive a old beat up pick up that back fires and they fight crime
Best homemade snacks during movie?
Im about to watch indiana jones kingdom of the crystal skull tonight. we are out of popcorn!!!! we dont have alot of stuff but what is a great easy to make homemade snack to watch during a movie? nothing too complex. just something i can whip up in a couple minutes
Here is a video(recipe how to step by step) of the real actual sandwich being made.
Or on regular texas toast.
Its a sandwich that elvis presley made famous. "Fools Gold Sandwich"
Crisp bacon, with peanut butter on one side, bananas, and grape jelly on grilled toast or grilled sub bread.
He actually use a 1 lb bacon, 1 jar peanut butter, 1 jar grape jelly, several bananas on a huge loaf or bread.
They say that' one of the reasons he died bause he ate all that all the time!
Ideas for a homemade movie? ?
I have NO idea WHATsoever what I want to do. It's going to be short, probably around 30-50 minutes. Maybe a "TV" episode? We really only have me, my family, and a couple of friends. Also, I only have a digital camera and a handheld camcorder, photoshop premiere, and Windows movie editor.
Do a day in the life of(insert name here), just condensed into 30-50 minutes.
or the news
or stop motion
or temper tantrums
or just a totally random movie
Favorite wrestler-in-a-movie movie?
what is ur favorite movie that stars a wrestler in it. actually for me i would think it would be the rock, since he is the most successful wrestler to make it in hollywood and do more than just a couple movies, but i go with rowdy roddy piper in 1988's john carpenter's THEY LIVE. awesome movie, classic, cult classic

who/what movie do you pick

1 the rock
2 hogan
3 hhh
4 piper
5 cena
6 kane
7 ddp
8 big slow

also, what wrestlers do you think will star in their first movie, not a big hollywood movie, but a wwe homemade movie lol. i say miz, punk, sheamus, barrett, christian, alberto
Andre the Giant

Princess Bride.

You just got served.
Homemade movie trailer title ?
me and my friends are creating a movie trailer, however we don't have a good title for it.

it's genre is scary/ horror, and it's about these girls who had went into a forest and were abducted. and later, a couple other girls went looking for their friends in the same forest to soon find out they are on a terrifing journey.©

-- thanks a bunch ! [:
The title of a movie usually comes from the dialogue - so look to the script for a great phrase that encompasses the movie.
Are there any websites that pay for homemade porn movies?
are there any websites that buy clips of homemade porn movies from citizens? or any sites that pay for a couple to have sex on film?
there's www.xtube.com if you go on there, they don't individually pay you, but you can set up an account where you can sell your movies, or even just get donations from other users.
Suggestions for a family movie night?
So this year for Thanksgiving were having it at my house and whenever we have our family over we like to have a couple movie nights, my bf brings over his projector and big screen we have homemade popcorn and it is a lot of fun but we are running out of ideas for good movies so does anybody have any suggestions? They could be animated but they don't have to be but they do have to be appropriate for little guys. A holiday theme would be nice too but wouldn't have to be. Thanks.
Home Alone would be a great idea
Homemade movies?
any couples ever actually made a porn movie? if so do ya ever watch it? has anyone else?
I made a porn video with an ex of mine and we watched it a week later with friends over and they told us we should try to pursue pornography as a career.
I want to do porn how can i get into the industry?
i have a couple of homemade movies and have passion to work in the industry
i don't know. i have NO intension to be a porn actress so i've never really asked anyone
Have you ever watched your parents stash of "homemade movies"?
They were an attractive younger couple
No thank god

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