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Hairy Women?
I love hairy women. Armpit hair, unshaved bush, and a fuzzy butthole really turns me on. The darker the hair the better. Any free spirited women enjoy letting themselves go to this extent and where do I find more like this?
look i hairy site, then u can meet them..... if u want i'll give u some
Hairy women?
why do some men like hairy women?
Why not?

In a lot of Europe, people find the hairless legs most Americans like to be creepy and snake-like. It's just what you're used to.

I personally prefer styles that look comfortable, practical, and like they require minimal upkeep beyond basic cleanliness. I put shaving daily up there with spending 45 minutes doing their makeup every morning, or habitually wearing nylon stockings and high heeled shoes - fine for those that like it, but unnecessary and a little odd imho.

Also, I'm a hippie (as much as one can be a hippie these days), as are most of the women I'm attracted to. And most of the women I'm attracted to are queer and butch (aah, unrequited crushes on lesbians...). It would just look weird if they went hairless. Like shaving your eyebrows off or something.
Hairy women?????????
First of all, I do defuzz! :P
I mean legs, armpits and the like...
Whats your opinions on women who go for the NATURAL look?? lol
I go natural and my boys love it. =D

My best friend is bi, and she loves hairy legs and hairy pits on men and women. We're unusual, I guess, but oh well.
Is it unusual to like very hairy women?
I am attracted to extremely hairy women. I love long underarm hair, facial hair, leg hair, etc. I like them to be hairy all over - especially downstairs ;). Does this mean there's something psychologically wrong with me? You should know that my mother actually suffers from baldness, and my father doesn't grow hair, even on his face or body.
No, but be sure to get that subscription of Chewbacca Women XXX.
Can I get some feedback from hairy women?
I think hairy women (face, legs, breasts, etc..) are beautiful. Is that weird? Does any one else like hairy women? Would any of hairy girls describe your hair or even better send me a picture of your hair?
Very hairy is nice!
What nationality women are the most hairy ?
I really love hairy women :P that have hairy armpits, lower belly, arms, even legs and lower back :P and of course down there :P I was wondering what country has the most hairy women :P
Well that's a mental image I could have done without.
Is it possible to find hairy women in paris?
i will be visiting paris on mid september so i dont know if can find any hairy women there?
Every single question you have asked on Y!Answers concerns exactly the same topic, to wit, "hairy women."

Such a display of obsessional sexual neurosis is unattractive enough when vomited forth on an internet site but one can only guess at how repulsive it must be to encounter in person.

Everyone has a right to their own taste, chacun à son goût, after all, and this is not a particulary bizarre fetish but to think of nothing better to ask on this site for the last ten months than this same thing over and over is de trop.

The phrase that this evokes is "couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with $100 bill stapled to his forehead."
Why do I like hairy women legs, arms bush and some on the breast?
I just love the hairy women and since I am 48 Ilike women 55 to 75 years this ok?
You like your women 100% natural!
A village where the men like their women hairy?
I heard about some tribe or village where the men like their women hairy, and over the centuries the women have gotten more and more hairy, so now they have wispy mustaches. Where is it?

Is this an example of humans evolving?
i havent heard that example, but its possible. that would possibly fall into the category of when birds beaks get bigger or smaller to crack different nuts. its still a bird, with slightly different attributes. that would be an example of artificial rather than natural selection though, since it would be people choosing what they think is attractive, rather than nature killing off people who were less well equipped to deal with the environment.
How do i tell my new girlfriend about my fetish for natural hairy women?
I've noticed that she likes a landing strip down there. I like women natural and unshaved in some places. How do i explain this
Talk to her maybe she thinks that you prefer her that way.

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