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Why are some people gay ? What was the universe's purpose for them to exist ?
I am gay myself.

So, I was just wondering. Why did god create us differently ?

Why did this happen ? Was their a reason behind this ?
=_=" What does it matter in reality? The only way we might be different is we can't overpopulate the world more then it's already overpopulated. Most of us, some of us do what most straight people won't and adopt one of the billions of guys in foster care that might never have a home.
How many women and gay men looked at the 2008 elections as a, Mr universe contest?
I did, I though we needed a good looking prez for once if I was going to ever get involved with politics. But it dont matter anymore.
If everyone thought like you McCain would not have received any votes!
In Across the Universe is max gay?
I'm really getting the vibe during the film. For instance, when singing "With a Little Help From My Friends" when he sings 'do you believe in love at first sight?' he's staring a group of rather attractive men. He is told by his friends just to tell the recruiting officers he's gay, and he acts like he has a crush on Jude through the whole movie. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just imagining things?
The actor might be gay or flamboyant, but I do not think that the character is at all gay.
Is prudence from across the universe movie gay?
the movie doesnt make it very clear if shes gay or not so if u no can u please tell me
I think so yes. It's her singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" to another girl on the football field, and then when she's hiding in the closet they are singing to her and the lyrics go like "come out..." I can't explain it very well but those are the two major hints I remember. Oh yeah, and she was also sad when Sadie was singing "I Want You So Bad" with that guy, and a huge one I forgot, she had a girlfriend in that tent with the "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" song.
Is the girl that sings "i wanna hold your hand" gay in across the universe?
it keep doing close ups of that blonde girl on the cheerleading squad. so i guess she is. but i need an outsiders idea
I think she is Bi. Cause later on when she climbs in thru their apartment window she was talking about how she got beat from the guy she was staying with. Then later on she is kinda singing to Sadie. So I am leaning towards Bisexual. =P
LGBT: Do you think there are other gay people in the universe?
LGBT: Do you think there might be other gay people somewhere out there in the universe, or do you think we gay people are alone here on Earth?

What do you think a gay galaxy might look like? I think it might look like this:ā€¦

If a gay galaxy were discovered, would you want to go there?

Thank you,
Haha! For a second, I thought I was high! The room is all spinny and colorful and I thought Drama started talking to me! He does, you know!

You know, I'm sure those other life forms out there, like those bacteria and whatnot, get it on with the same sex. lol Gay aliens. In overalls.
Is Steven from "The Best Fanpage in the Universe" Gay?
He looks like he might be, and he uses fruity sayings like "Tuck in your socks". You know what they say, "If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck"...
Keep dreaming.

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