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I took a gay test in it said i wasnt gay, but i get aroused when i see penises. Am i gay?
Also i was molested when i was 11 years old, i had always liked women untill now what went wrong? I have a girlfriend i told her i was gay in she said i wasnt, can i get help please? Homosexual is somthing i dont want to be.
What "gay test"? There are some novelty "gay tests" on the internet, they just usually ask a bunch of questions, but what matters is the last question, and that one asks what sex you like. The whole test is determined by that last question. You like the same sex, you're gay, you like the opposite sex, you're straight.

Being molested at 11 won't make you gay. It might make you think you are, because it might instill in you a liking for gay sex. Because of society's wish to classify "homosexuality" as "anyone who likes gay sex" it will make you think you are gay if that is what you have also been taught, but being gay doesn't mean liking gay sex, it means you like members of the same sex.

I dunno why I wrote so much for an answers, I definitely think you're a troll........
Is there any sort of gay test I can take to determine my sexuality?
Reasons I think I'm gay: I occasionally masturbate to gay thoughts and I enjoy anal masturbation. I grew up in an anti-gay family, so I think I might be repressing my inner gayness.
Any input is appreciated.
try sleeping with a man, that should help you make your mind up :-D
What pictures would you recommend for a gay test?
or who would you recommend to look up...... for someone to see if hes gay

just wondering -::-::-
Watch this:…
What do you think of straight guys playing gay to test someone's sexuality?
there are some straight nincompoops who play gay to another guy whom they thought might be gay in order to test them. do you think they have tendency to be gay too? or could they be just homophobes insecure of their own sexuality? kindly explain please.
ummmmmmm freaks
Politically Speaking; should all Republicans pass a “gay test" before running for office?
If they're going to cast stones, should they not have 'em first?
NO. no testing!
Watching some of them being exposed for the family-values liars and hypocrites they are is way too much fun!
Is there a free gay test online?
Not just gay, but there are all kinds of other sexual orientations, like bisexual and whatnot.
So is there?
Yeah I've taken them for kicks...

And they don't accually ask if your gay or not... they ask stuff like...

"Do you wear leather *Not for halloween either =P*"


"Do you know what barebacking is?"

And stuff like that... it's usually made by 15 year old girls on myspace lol.
Is it possible to tell if someones gay from a blood test?
I have a cousin who i suspect is gay, and was just wondering if their is a test of some kind to see?
Being gay is NOT a real genetic condition. It is all in the mind. Science says so
Does there exist an actual, real gay test?
I'm wondering if there is a test to determine sexual orientation.

Not the Kinsey scale.

Something with actual questions that are about how you see or think of people.

Something more down to earth.

I'm sure there's something real (not those fake quizzes).

Thanks. (I mean like psychotherapists probably have their ways for those who are confused or such.)
Yes. Just two simple questions. It goes like this:

1) Are you sexually attracted to people of the same sex as yourself?

2) Are you sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex from yourself?

If you answer Yes to Q1 and No to Q2 you are gay.
If you answer yes to Q2 and No to Q1 you are straight
If you answer yes to both, you are bisexual.
Where can I find a good and accurate GAY TEST to find out my level of gayness.?
Any good link/website you can share?
Here's the 100% accuracy test I just came up with:

Do you like.... sports omg you must, leik, be gay if you don't cuz thats leik, omg disliekin sprots is a female thing. ಠ_ಠ

Seriously, all those tests are bullsh*t and fail so much that they attract trolls in 0.3 seconds. The only test is "Are you attracted to the same gender/sex?" Answer yes and you might be gay, or bisexual, polysexual, pansexual, ect.
How do i test if im gay?
I don't think im gay bu just to make sure how do you test yourself?
Look in the mirror.
Is there a penis in your mouth?
If so, then you are gay.

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