fun ways to masturbate
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What are some fun ways to masturbate?
What are some ways or common things to use for masturbation?
I don't know what you have tried, but if it's just the basic up and down with the hand, it can get a bit boring.

Try to stimulate other parts of your body, rub your chest, especially around your nipples, your sides, and stomach. Also try your inner thighs, between your legs, and your buttocks. You can start this with both hands, and when you are erect, start rubbing your penis with one hand, and the rest of your body with the other. You'll soon find which bits you like best.

As you get going, you can massage your testicles, and also, the bit behind your scrotum, between your testicles and your anus.
You might even like to rub a finger over, or even into, your anus, don't worry, it's not gay - loads of men like it, use some lube on the finger.
If you have a detachable shower head, squat down, and spray the water up behind your scrotum, and over your anus.
You can make a ring out of your thumb and first finger, and use that to massage the base, or edge, of the glans (knob), you'll need lube for this, use spit if you have nothing else.

I don't know if you have tried looking at porn, that may help.

There are a couple of websites that have loads of information and tips - and the second one has videos.

You may have to try some techniques several times to get them right, and some may not work for you, but just keep trying until you get something that works for you.

Good luck,and have fun finding out what's best for you.
Any fun ways to masturbate? Any way to make for a stronger orgasm?
I've tryed lots of stuff, in the shower, pillows, all different lube...just wondering if anyone has creative ideas.
ya, theres a great site with a ton of different ways, enjoy...
Anybody know any fun ways to masturbate?
Just want to change it up some and thought someone might have some ideas. Maybe some that are good for guys with larger packages. Ones that don't involve using lotion or lube would be most appreciated. Thanks.
Yeah I sure do . But since you don't say how old you are I wont share.
What are fun ways for girls to masturbate?
I masturbate using a vibrating penis thing my friend gave me....... Cuz she bought somee cuz my whole group of friends masturbates & I wanna know more fun ways!! So please tell me!
When I was a teenager I discovered a very unusual way to do it.
Our family had a very old fridge in the kitchen. and I discovered that if I lean back on the table I can press my crotch against the corner of the fridge and the vibrations of the old motor would give me some very good orgasms :-)
What are fun ways to masturbate?
im 16 and female and i wanna know some fun ways to masturbate
Online with another person is a good way to experiment.
Fun ways to masturbate while parents aren't home.. Answer plz!?
What are some fun ways to masturbate while my parents aren't home, like having a naked party by myself of course. Any ideas what to do?
Just do it when you go to bed.
Some fun ways to masturbate?
im 15 and severely bored with just the normal routine of stroking the shaft i guess you could say...
i want more fun and exciting ways to masturbate and ones that will enhance the orgasm
also, i do hav a girlfriend, we just havent gotten there yet so dont think im some fat loser sitting at home playing mw2 24/7 while jackin off

Try it with the other hand, or with different lubes, or while wearing a condom, or standing, lying down, sitting, whatever. You're really only limited to what your imagination can think up.

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