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Why do fat black chicks always sing the best?
Look at Mariah Carey (well...she's a mix), Jennifer Hudson, Aretha Franklin.....way better than say...skinny white chicks like britney spears and paris hilton. Why do you think this is
they're confident.
i hate to sound racist but when you hear a black choir singing vs a white choir singing, which one has the stronger sound?
Only fat black chicks approach me?
I've got nothing against it, but how come no other kind of girls approach me?
If you don't want fat chicks get yourself in shape,
Question about fat black chicks.?
I know this has nothing to do with Rap and Hip Hop.
But have u ever noticed how fat black chicks have black necks wit wrinkles and creases on the back of it?
Yeah, I was watching this show on FitTV about these two twin black girls that wanted to lose weight. I only caught the end of it, but I remember at the end them saying how the dark spots on their necks were beginning to go away. They gave a scientific explanation for it, but I don't remember it.

But yeah, I know what you're talking about.
Black guys with fat white chicks vs white guys with skinny black chicks.?
Notice how most of the time, when a black guy is with a white girl, she's fat. On the other hand, when a white guy is with a black girl, she's skinny.

Some of you may get mad by what I say, but it's true that being fat in the African American community is not a bad thing...but actually desired. In white society, it's more about being skinny. That's why fat black women are confident, while chubby white chicks have less confidence.
Lol wow your getting deep this afternoon? do you mind if I ask where you fall in this cat? well I'm the thin black wife of a white man that I've known since 7th grade and we are in our mid 30's now, four guys later im still the same size a 2 but my mother is at least 28 and older sister 18 or so I'm short 5 ft they are 5'6 or so, so maybe its a lil of both genetics and preferance either way (to each His OWN) I do see what you see, but if you left the state you'd see it's a lil diff every where that's the beauty
Why do people think us Black guys like fat white chicks?
Why do people think us Black guys like fat white chicks?
cus after the white guy done with the ***** then she gets all fat and used up and some black dude comes along and takes the garbage cus he cant get the skinny white chick unless he rich or famous. and nobody want the black chicks, they nasty
Why do fat chicks, especially black chicks spend so much money on nails and hair?
they still look fat with a doo and nails.
its not about being fat..its about being pretty!
and raising their self esteem and self image!

besides everybody spends money on nails and hair!!
where r u living?
Why do people think us Black guys like fat chicks?
Why do people think black guys like fat white girls,or fat girls in general

and also,why do fat chicks,who like black guys,think that ALL of us want them and why do they take the term "thick" and use it to avoid being called fat?
We (black guys) like thick girls,like beyonce and kim kardashian(plumped booty,SLIM WAIST,busty chest

not some beached elephant seal
Lol I agree, I'm tired of hearin stuff like that. I'd prefer Beyonce over Rosie O' Donnell anyday. I don't like seeing things that aren't supposed to jiggle start jigglin.

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