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Why do only brown nose and *** kissers get the jobs?
Why is it that employers only hire people who know how to kiss *** but not genuine people who are willing to learn?

Also, how is the younger generation going to get work experience when EVERY job only seeks people with experience?
There are enough jobs for inexperienced people too. Only thing is you need to be patient enough to find them and apply. Do your research thoroughly. Upload your resume on top job portals. Get in touch with some recruiters. I can see that hiring's are picking up now in some parts of US, Asia, Europe as well
WHY did rhianna get back with that dumb *** chris brown?
after he abused her i think chris brown needs to go to jail i hate that ***!!
Because she's blinded by love and not too smart.
Why is the stuff that comes out of my *** brown?
i mean really, it is soo brown.... i dont get it. why does it have to be so brown? sometimes its green but why does it even think it has the right to change color like that? it just freaks you out man....
Why is poop brown?
The color comes mainly from bilirubin, a pigment that arises from the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver and bone marrow. The actual metabolic pathway of bilirubin and its byproducts in the body is very complicated, so we will simply say that a lot of it ends up in the intestine, where it is further modified by bacterial action. But the color itself comes from iron. Iron in hemoglobin in red blood cells gives blood its red color, and iron in the waste product bilirubin gives rise to its brown color.

What is the cause of green poop?
I have consulted with a doctor, a physiologist and a microbiologist on this question, and the following summarizes their answers:
Healthy people can have green poop if they eat a diet rich in leafy green vegetables, or if they consume large quantities of food coloring (in ice cream, cake frosting etc.).
Green poop can also be caused by excess iron in the diet, from dietary supplements, for example. If the body does not absorb all the iron consumed, the iron may stain the poop green, the color of iron (II) salts. Ordinarily, the green color may be masked by the normal brown poop color, but if digestion is thrown off by illness so that bilirubin is less concentrated in the intestine, the green color may become apparent. This can happen when a person is afflicted with diarrhea.
Green poop in sick babies may come from iron in baby formula not being properly absorbed, or by green pigments in bile salts (again, green from iron).

Who sings the song about Chris Brown should get his *** kicked?
Also who sings the song that goes 1,2,3,4 uno, dos, tres, quadro, you know you want me, you know i want you. It was used on the last dancing with the stars show with Cheryl and Gilles
its called
My Flow So Tight by JUMP SMOKERS

here's the a vid. of it:…
What is this song? "My throat's so tight, the beat so sick, Chris Brown should get his *** kicked"?
I heard it on the radio but don't know the name of the song
It is called "My Flow So Tight" by Smoke Jumpers
I too have a big *** brown spider in the basement which is my bedroom. I live in Arlington, VA. Am I doomed?
Jeepers Creepers, That thing is scary. Anyone wanna stop by and kill it?
i dont know alot about spiders but i know that ususally the bigger they are the higher chance their venemous so if u have a bb gun pop both of them. i wouldnt reccomend you taking a broom because spiders have been known to jump on to the broom handle run up it and bite the hand of the victim. if u dont have a bb gun throw random crap at it.
Dealing with the Chris Brown Rihanna thing. We know Chris Brown whooped her *** but most times women run their?
mouths or do something really bad to deserve it. Is it a true statement to say that man hit with their fists and women hit with their mouths and sneaky ways. I think so.
uhhh i heard she cheated on him, got herpes and gave it to him... if thats true then she definetly deserved it. i woulda done the same thing
What's that song..."Chris Brown should get his *** kicked"?

"my flow so tight
and my beat so sick
chris brown should get hiss *** kicked"...

I think that's what your looking 4 :-))
Is Gordon Brown to blame for the credit crunch which is biting everyone in the ***???
Is Gordon Browns bad leadership to blame for the state of the Economy, your thoughts please?
I am not particularly a supporter on Gordon Brown, but consider the following:
One cause of the credit crunch is the willingness of the general public to take on debt even when it is beyond their means to pay it off.…
The big factor that really pushed the economy over the edge was the US sub-prime mortgage market where a LOT of bed debt was created by greedy brokers.…
The crisis has been accelerated by rising fuel prices and static wages but none of these factors can really be laid at Gordon's door.
What we can blame collective governments for, is trying to stave off the recession for political gain - recession (BTW we are not actually in a recession yet) is a natural result of our boom and bust type economy and there was no point trying to prevent the 'bust'. IMHO I think they just made things worse just so that they could stand a chance of looking good in the polls.…
Why do girls wear those ugly *** brown snow boots in the southwest or at all...?
What am I missing
I hate those boots too. It makes people's feet look stupid. They might as well be wearing moon boots!!! LOL.

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