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Biggest breasts?
Which country has women with the biggest breasts?

I'm doing a study...for...a school project. Yeah, that's it...
I don't know about across the entire world, but in europe its the uk;

Percentage of women wearing cup size: D C B A

UK 57 18 19 6
Denmark 50 19 24 7
Netherlands 36 27 29 8
Belgium 28 28 35 9
France 26 29 38 7
Sweden 24 30 33 14
Greece 23 28 40 9
Switzerland 19 24 43 14
Austria 11 27 51 10
Italy 10 21 68 1
Why is Maxi Mounds the biggest breasts in the world, when it is really Chelsea Charms?
Maxi Mounds gets the reputation for having the biggest breasts in the world. But why? Because Chelsea Charms clearly has bigger. MUCH bigger. In fact, Chelsea's breasts each weigh 26 lbs, when Maxi's only weigh 20 lbs each.
Idk, but they're both absolutely disgusting, with hideous bodies for that matter.
What european country has the biggest breasts?
It seems as if the ethnicity with the biggest breasts are typically the least attractive ethnicities. The average male finds european females more attractive than any other in the world. Which one of those countries has the average largest natural breasts?
I would imagine it's one of the countries with an impressive mountain range and massive peaks.
Your thoughts on this poll saying British women have the biggest breasts in Europe?…

According to this poll by a bra manufacturer, British women have Europe's largest breasts, while Italian women have the smallest.

I'm especially interested to hear from those who are much more traveled than I am and actually have been to Europe. Their opinions would carry more weight! lol

LOL ! And why are you getting so personal today? Sophia Loren was simply "no joke" ! Capisci?
Who has the biggest breasts in the world?
Monica Maximum from website: mastasia has the biggest breasts in the world.
Sorry All of you are wrong.

The biggest "breasts" in the world are on the Blue Whale. There are two. Capable of milk production in excess of 10 - 55 gallon drums of milk per hour.

Now that is a BIG Breast.
Which celebrity has the biggest breasts?
I've always wondered this. I know Pamela Anderson and Salma Hayek are both up there, but who else?
i guess pamela Anderson'son the top...and of course dolly parton
My mate grant wants to know who has the biggest breasts in the world?
Can you back it up with links to a pic?
I think you and your mate grant are the 2 biggest t*ts in the world
Which anime characters have the biggest breasts?
No I'm not a pervert, this question is for an art idea that I believe will be enjoyed by both sexes.

If you answer please use well known characters and indicate which animes they are from. A few moderate sizes are needed to.

Thank-you for the help.
Well there is this anime ( i don't remeber they're names srry )

Other females:
Orihime from Bleach:…

Rangiku from Bleach…
Halibel from Bleach…

Thats about it i know and i don't know their breast sizes srry
What female sports player has the biggest breasts?
i was just wondering?
im pretty sure its serina williams. they are HUGE and it balances out her manliness.

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