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A question about male doctors examining women?
I am a male who feels strongly about male doctors examining women. I have my reasons for this but I would like to hear other women's opinion on this. Please read to the end before you give me your opinion, thanks.

Some men don't mind their girlfriend or wife being checked out by another man, but some men hate the idea, and rightly so. Please understand that it's not about jealously or being insecure, it's about respect and what is morally right. And there are many male doctors that have been known to get aroused over these kind of exams, so anyone who thinks they get bored seeing so many naked women are just naive.I want to give you an example of a mans point of view:

Suppose a woman who had a boyfriend went to a bar and lifted up her skirt to another man. Obviously the boyfriend won't like this, that his girlfriend is showing her body to another man. But if it's for a medical check up then a male doctor can look between her legs and touch her etc, but it's fine because he has qualifications. Now, people will tell me that there is a big difference. YOU MISS THE POINT! Are you saying that because a male doctor has qualifications he cannot and will not fantasise seeing a woman with her legs spread?

Do you not know that many male doctors who do pelvic exams go to the bar and look at women? Do you not know that male doctors who do pelvic exams also go to porn shops and watch porn dvds? As far as many men are concerned, their woman is being looked at by another man in a very intimate way who can now keep in his memory the body of his girlfriend. Why do women think that their boyfriend should be fine about this? Of course, male doctors also see some nasty stuff, but the young beautiful women make up for it. If it's an emergency then your life is more important. But when a woman DOES have the choice between a male and a female, why go to a male when there is a good chance he can get off on seeing your legs open?

The point is if I had a girlfriend that didn't want me to be examined by a female nurse then out of respect I would go to a male doctor. If I loved and respected my girlfriend I would do it, for her. But women seem to have the attitude like, "It's my body, I'll do what I like, get over it." Why are women so stiff-necked about respecting their partners wishes? Ever heard of compromising?
I also feel very strong about this procedure and your points of view are the same as mine, This is a big problem for many blokes in a relationship. Most ladies reading these opinions, do not understand it from a mans stand point. Below is an article from the British Medical journal.

"A lot of men don’t want another man examining them or even talking to them about sex. Some feel the same about women doctors. Most clinics now offer you a choice of a male or female doctor or nurse, although you might have to wait a little longer until the appropriate person for you becomes available."…
Imagine India like a beautiful, Merciful young women and she has healthproblem like?
If one can imagine India(for Indians already india is bharat mata) beautiful women and she has health problems like

1). Brain and Mental problem.

This is a type of Parkinson desease. This desease is with the ruling Government. The people of india elect Government with lot of confidance and government is good for nothing. The government makes all fake promises and nothing are implimented. Even if some are implimented they are digested away by the political leaders.

2). AntiImmunosys. This is a type of desease, where the immunity system of once body acts againist him. Our Police system in india is supposed to protect the health of indian society but they are working againist her. Today you see, how police system is. (At least you people agree with me to some extent that police system is very bad).

3). AIDS. This aids is actually will destroy our mother land. Pkistani, Bangladeshi and Chinese sponsered Religious Terrorism and Internal Fundamentalists who contribute outsiders to promote AIDS to our country..

4). Psoriasis is another disorder. This is because of Corrupted Political leaders and Corrupted Industrialists, Business man, bureaucrats, and some indian people. They are threat to making the out most beauty of india .

5). High Blood Pressure. This is very common symptom Though it is not harming her health very otten, it manifests on 15th August, 02 Ocober, 15 January, This blood pressure is due to overwhelming patriotic feeling likr , "mera bharat mahaan, Bharat maata ki jai, Sare jahase accha, Ye mera india, I love my india" are some mineral salts that are responsible. But fortunately, this HBPreduce to normal by the next day. Political leaders flag the Indian national flag as high as possible and the very next hour their HP drops drastically.

6). Migrane: She is suffering from migrane some times. The root cause of migrane is communal war spread by the political leaders, SS, MNS, Bihar and UP based political parties, Tamilnadu based political parties, and Bengal based political parties and some times with North East based Ulfa terrorists.

7). Leg pains: Some scientists, industrialists(like, Ambani, lakshmi mittal) are leading our country ahead while the political leaders are actually moving india one step back behind in progress.
PM says, Indias industrial growth is very great and GDp increased a lot, still an average indian has to buy all items from china or other SEA countries.

8) Judiciary system facing paralitic attacks.

Now, What is medicine we need to use for her. ?
The problem is not the separate diseases and conditions from which she suffers, it is that her systems are not in balance. The problem is identifying what that balance should be. Should it be a return to the time before the Raj? What must be changed from that time to achieve your hope? Will you eliminate the caste system? The mistreatment of women? Who is your patient?

Your approach to your patient must be holistic. And India already has a long history of that medicine - lifestyle -spirituality.

"Ayurveda is India's traditional system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and takes an integrated approach toward treating and preventing illness. Ayurveda calls upon a variety of natural therapies and lifestyle changes to restore imbalance or stress in the body and spirit believed to cause illness...

At its essence, ayurveda is based on the theory that everything in the universe is interconnected. Human beings are connected with one another as well as their physical environment, thus the balance within each person and their relationship to their environment as a whole must be carefully maintained-imbalance, whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual causes unhealthy reactions by the body. Illness then, is the result of not being harmony with the universe

Ayurveda detox is a key principle in ayurvedic medicine-detoxification is critical to maintaining balance in the body and with the universe

Your basic state of health is determined by the balance or imbalance of the doshas. The three doshas are:
Vata is believed to be the most important of the doshas, vata rules bodily elimination, metabolism, physical and mental activity, heart rate, breathing and communicates sensory input to the brain.
Pitta is the dosha associated with heat and fire and contributes to metabolism, body temperature, vision, appetite, reasoning and judgment and the skin's complexion.
Kapha works to counterbalance vata's movements and pitta's processing or metabolizing and governs physical strength, joint lubrication, physical balance and stability, fullness and fertility.

Common Ayurvedic Treatments
Ayurveda draws upon many natural therapies to treat patients, but some common healing practices include:
Detoxification. Cleansing techniques such as enemas, fasting, therapeutic vomiting, special diets, and medicated oils used in nasal sprays all work to cleanse the digestive and respiratory systems.
Dietary changes. Complete diet changes are sometimes recommended to aid digestion and promote well-being, sometimes temporary but often intended for long term.
Herbal remedies Food is medicine in Ayurveda. Herbal remedies are often used and presented in honey.
Physical Activity: perform specific forms of physical activity like yoga, stretching and even spending time in the sun.
Meditation. It's not uncommon to recommend meditation, with or without direction to meditate on something specific and integral to your healing process.
Pranayama or breathing exercises. Calming and invigorating breathing exercises may be prescribed to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system.
Massage - especially using detoxifying and healing oils like sesame oil, are often use to boost circulation, encourage toxin and other waste elimination, reduce anxiety and increase energy levels."

But your problem is what do you wish India to be? What of her past do you want to retain and what do you wish to change? When you change one aspect, others will adjust to compensate. How will you identify her as India?

Begin with your image of a reborn India and work backwards before going forward. Keep in mind one thing, do you want a static India or one which can flow with the changes of the world around her?
A question about gynecologists?
Does anybody else find it fishy how the medical industry seems to have a desire to have young women examined with pelvic exams or pap smears but yet doctors don't think there is any need for men to have regular checks for a common cancer? I read from someone who works in the medical industry that some of the male doctors would have young attractive women come back once a year to have an intimate exam, but yet the doctors wouldn't tell the unattractive women to come back. I have heard how some doctors have examined some of the beautiful young women when there was absolutely no need for an intimate exam. I have heard from someone who works in the medical industry of some of the things that doctors say behind closed doors. I have heard quite a lot of creepy stories. I was even reading how intimate examinations can cause more harm than good, and that there are other tests that can be done that does not require women to spread their legs. I'm just curious why the medical industry has made examining women at a young age such a big issue. Something seems fishy. Any ideas?
You don't know my doctor. Every year it's "bend over".
Somebody please explain to me why so many people are so obsessed with the Kardashians!?
Okay so yes, their father was O.J. Simpson's lawyer. That case was over ten years ago and that fame should be rewarded to their father. They didn't help defend O.J. Simpson. Nobody would pay attention to Rob, Kourtney, or Khloe simply because their father defended O.J. Simpson ten years ago. Kim only gets so much attention for spreading her legs on tape. I'm so annoyed with men idolizing shallow women who spend most of their life obsessing over themselves. And the men don't even deserve beautiful women who are in shape anyway! Most men have ugly or average faces, bodies that don't look like a mixture of Taylor Lautner's and L.L. Cool Jay's, and simple personalities so they need to stop pressuring women to meet unrealistic standards!

I'm annoyed with women praising Kim Kardashian. For what? What has she done to inspire you as a woman?
Men like her for her looks, and not her mind. She displays herself as a sex object, and receives attention from immature individuals who cannot see deeper than her shallow surface. She had her life paid for from birth, and comes from a rare circumstance. She does not have to work for the rest of her life, and it would take a miracle for her to create a personal legacy. She is a shameless self-promoter from a family of shameless self-promoters.
She bought the clothing store she works in, and lives in a fantasy world which hardly resembles reality, or is involved with real people.
They have dragged their family name and respect through the mud and will never be written into any history book.
For woman, she promotes a false image and unreasonable lifestyle. It is terrible that so many women are affected by this, a shallow media icon.

So somebody please explain it to me because I don't understand!
i agree with you, but im not surprised, this has been going on ever since hollywood was big, people would always follow celebrities and the media would try to make this one person sooo special when really there just an average person, so this is nothing new it's been going on for the past 50 years
Girls: Do you want me to look?
I'm an 18 year old guy, and I've noticed a lot with some of the beautiful women I meet, they seem to be exposing their bodies to my eyes when I talk to them (Leaning towards me farther than they normally would and displaying their cleavage, spreading their legs while wearing short-shorts more than they usually do, "stretching" and pushing their breasts out and looking away, bending over and looking at me, etc.).

My question is this: Do you want me to look? If so, how would you prefer I looked at your body (Right now I usually take brief glances while she's looking at my eyes and talking)? Do you purposefully do the things mentioned above around attractive guys, or just all the time in general? I'd love any input from the women out there, I need to know if these girls are trying to be sexy to me or if I'm just misunderstanding their body language.

Thanks in advance!
Hmm, seems like those girls are desperate for attention, or for free drinks. You're not really misreading the signs, they are pretty much begging you to look at them. But don't do it in an obvious way, even though they seem starved for attention, don't give in too easily, because after a while, when they know they have your full attention, they'll get bored with you, and will move on to some other guy. They most likely find you attractive, so they want to get your full attention, so that they wont lose you to some other girl. Don't get over confident and assume that all the girls are going crazy over you, a lot of girls are manipulative, because they know if they act sexy and get your full attention, they can make you do whatever they want. We know that works.
Do you want us to look, girls?
I'm an 18 year old guy, and I've noticed a lot with some of the beautiful women I meet, they seem to be exposing their bodies to my eyes when I talk to them (Leaning towards me farther than they normally would and displaying their cleavage, spreading their legs while wearing short-shorts more than they usually do, "stretching" and pushing their breasts out and looking away, bending over and looking at me, etc.).

My question is this: Do you want me to look? If so, how would you prefer I looked at your body (Right now I usually take brief glances while she's looking at my eyes and talking)? Do you purposefully do the things mentioned above around attractive guys, or just all the time in general? I'd love any input from the women out there, I need to know if these girls are trying to be sexy to me or if I'm just misunderstanding their body language.

Thanks in advance!
haha girls do that ALL the time... they want you to look... it raises their self esteem.... also don't be afraid to come up behind her and slap her *** hahahahaha we love that too
Are guys really into trashy type women? who let it all show, and give it up to everyone?
If a chick has a hot body, but not so great face, and pretty much shows/gives everything she that as much a turn on as someone beautiful, who doesnt give it all away to everyone?

when you know someone who takes pics of themselves and post them on myspace, with her legs spread in a baithing suit, that is what men want to see in someone they know?
I prefer the more innocent girl next door look. However she needs to be sexually adventurous even though she looks innocent.
Whats wrong with these beautiful blonde girls, or i thought they were beautiful?
so yesterday i got a phone call from this girl.

her story about a month ago:

me and my friend met these three girls (jessica being the leader of the group) at a lounge seemed pretty cool and things were going good. we exchange numbers and im having fun with jessica. her friends are really rude to my friend. now my friend is shy and he is real nice guy. i heard enough and decided this aint happening. we leave the group and approach some other girls. they are nice and sweet. we hit it off right away. i wanted to make them jealous so the three girls leave.

now these girls were educated and absolutley stunning. blue eyes, blonde, fit.

so i get the call and jessica apologizes and wants to meetup. im like ok watever. we decide to meet at a club. im with my friends in the line and jessica comes with her two friends. all of sudden she says she has to go. im like ok. i see a junkie chit chats with them and then approach me. i ignore him at first and continue talking with my friends. then he says how do u know jessica? i was like how do u know her. he tells me jessica told him i live in union nj (all true info he know abt me that i shared with jessica). and i was like what. anyway then he told me that jessica doesnt pickup her phone and is ignoring him. im like confused. he goes on telling me a month ago he was at a lounge/hotel with his buddy and jessica with her 3 friends approached him. the girls take them back to there place telling the guys. they tell the guys they are virgins. the junkie tells me as soon as they get in there place the girls spread there legs and junkies banged them w/o a condom.

now the girls running away when they saw the junkie, from the guy know alil abt me got me thinking.

i assumed this girls were intelligent but they needed to be validated. since theses girls were desperate to get validation they decided to have sex to know they still got it. after that i didnt want to be bothered with these girls.

now to be fair i know all girls are not like this. but very few women out there need validation and guys to hit on them so they can be validated. but never thought it will go this low.
WHy do you need validation on your opinion on them. Do you doubt their actions or what.
Was he the upper-class twit of the year?
Tarquin the upper-class git comes across a beautiful naked woman lying in the middle of the forest with her legs spread wide open.

Not believing his luck, he approaches her and asks her if she`s game?

The woman replies "Yes," so he shoots her.
lol cute! have a star!
What did you get on this quizzy thing?
1. How am I feeling today?:Voices-Disturbed (heheheheheehhhee the vooicess)

2. Will I get far in life?: Shout 2000-disturbed (ROOOOOOAAAARRRR IMMA DINOSAURRRR!!!)

3.How do my friends see me?: I Am the Arsonist-Silverstien (tee hee fiiiiree.)

4.Where will I get Married?: The Crimson-Atreyu (hehehehehe blood red wedding!)

5.What is my best friend's theme song?: Blood on my hands-The Used (I invited him to my wedding)

6.What is the story of my life?: God wears Gucci-blessthefall (yup my life in a cup.)

7.What will highschool be like?: Goodbye-my darkest days (AND I"M GONE!)

8.How can I get ahead in life?: Sharks in your Mouth-I killed the prom queen (ouch one bit my tongue)

9.What is the best thing about me?: The Game-Disturbed (I think shuffle is an internet troll.)

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25.What is my signature dancing song?: World around me-Escape the Fate (i was hoping for zombie dance)

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27.What does everyone else think my current theme song is?: Buried Myself Alive-The Used (It`s underground lolol)

28.What type of men/women do you like?:You Are So Beautiful-Escape the Fate (awh are they talking about my girlfriend :3)
You are different.

Just like everyone else.

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