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All Comments

Do you consider breasts as pornographic or a beautiful body art?
Hi im doing a research and i need everybody's opinion please explain your answer

Thank you.
Top subject for a bit of research I think.

Breasts, as well as any other part of the body, can be either pornographic or art - it depends on how it is presented and what the context is.

I think my wife looks beautiful naked (and dressed for that matter) but I don't find her nakedness sexually arousing unless the context is right (eg. we are both in the raw with the whipped cream on standby and ready for some action).
(serious) Men... why do you find a women's breasts beautiful?
this is a follow up to guns question...;…

I’M NOT ASKING WHY THEY ARE PHYSICALLY ATTRATIVE… I’m honestly curious about why you consider them beautiful? Guns used the descriptive beautiful, and it got me thinking about this. I’m fully aware that men find breast physically attractive, but beautiful (as in a great piece of art) has me perplexed. Is it that men directly link physical attraction with beauty, or is it something more?
I guess I don’t find them particularly beautiful, thus the perplexities.

(if you must be lewd, keep it to a minimum please)
Worldwide, the thigh gets more attention, breasts are more a western culture thing.

They probably gained more popularity during the Reubenesque years, when big curves meant healthy eating, and therefore more money, however for me, I've never seen a pair I didn't like (honestly), so I have to think there's something more basic to it.

The big problem I have is that there's a lot of it going around on the street - in the mall, even at churches. Body parts are everywhere, when everyone knows if you want to see that stuff for free, it's available online somewhere, why do I have to be inundated with it constantly? I have other things to, er... do.


I think part of it is also a cultural defect - men losing "power" and women having a newfound confidence culturally, and some of them like to feel empowered by flaunting, rather than actually being empowered, taking advantage of the relatively new-found "equality" between the sexes.

Many oppressed groups go through this phase, thus in our culture "minority" means black or maybe hispanic, and "bilingual" means speaks spanish, rather than, say, swahili.
Do you believe every body is a work of art and should be flaunted?
By flaunting I mean: Taking pictures of your body in booty shorts and a skimpy shirt outlining the breasts and posting these pictures on...let's say a networking site.

Wouldn't you say there are other ways to show you have a beautiful body in a classy way?

Wouldn't you say this gives off the wrong message? I'm not trying to say this person is good or bad!

Please share your opinions....
I do believe a persons body can be represented as a work of art. Most body art is labeled as artistic nude.
In your case it sounds like that person is just trying to get attention in a softcore way.
Why have nude art on the web? (Please only leave mature comments)?
I know I'm 13, but I don't understand why pictures of nude men and women are allowed on the web. I think the human body is a beautiful piece of artwork, but most boys of my age level think of it just as getting to look at breasts. I understand them being on art sites, where you get to get inspired and see artwork such as photographs, drawings, digital art, paintings, etc. but not where people of the same/opposite gender may gawk at a picture of a nude person. I also don't understand why Model Mayhem is allowed to everyone, why not just to adults or more mature people?

I don't think it should be illegal, just meant for more mature ages, there are a bunch of boys that not only have I heard of from differing states but have also from my own where the boys at my age level are just looking to look at breasts of older women, so yeah, I just think it should be for more mature people and art, like The Kiss and not just so anybody can look it up and become obsessed with sex, breasts and other unmentionables when they're too young to understand them...I understand I was misleading before but that was just because I was getting so frustrated with a boat load of people that I go to school with already talking about going to 3rd and 4th base already at age 13, when they aren't ready to make that commitment especially because the next day they broke up.

PS. I'm a girl, not a boy, people have gotten that confused when I said boys my age, so just wanted to make that clear.
Nude art has nothing to do with erotic material or pornography. Per instance, The Ingres' bathers, while showing naked female bodies, simply shows the female body in different pose (even if, in some case, the artist did the back too long). Sure, guys (sorry if it offends you, but 11-13 boys are still guys) who are starting to get their hormones will only look at the breasts and think "bewbs". But if he was raised in a family that likes art, he will see beyond it. He will see the painting techniques used to make the shade, the way the elements in the painting makes our eyes move in circle around the painting and always toward the middle, so that it captivate the audience.

As for their precautious sexuality, if they indulge themselves in that so young, it is their loss. It should be shared for the first time with someone whom you trust and hold high affection for a long time, not a two week fling.

Take your time and enjoy art!
Who agree that men are more beautiful than women?
This is not sexism against women, it is just what I think. Most people would definitely say that women are more beautiful because they have got curves and breasts. The thing I love about the male body is that it is nice and firm. I find the male body more symmetrical than the female body and males usually have less bodyfat. I also don't like the thought of breasts and curves pointing out. I think men's faces are nicer to look at. I also think men's bottoms are rounder and more smexy, while women's tend to be wide and flat. I don't understand why women's bodies are considered more beautiful, even by straight women. Men have bodies like art. Why are men's bodies seen as practical and mechanical? I find them very good looking and beautiful!
I think that they both are most attractive in different ways. But, I think that in general women take better care of themselves. Most guys are not very good at taking care of their bodies. It is common to find a guy who is out of shape, but most women try to stay in fairly good shape.
Why nude art on the web?
I know I'm 13, but I don't understand why pictures of nude men and women are allowed on the web. I think the human body is a beautiful piece of artwork, but most boys of my age think of it just as getting to look at breasts. I understand them being on art sites, where you get to get inspired and see artwork such as photographs, drawings, digital art, paintings, etc. but not where people of the same/opposite gender may gawk at a picture of a nude person. I also don't understand why Model Madness is allowed to everyone, why not just to adults or more mature people?
I do not understand why it is allowed either, probably because it is hard to tell who is really what age when they are using the internet - there are not very good controls about that stuff.
When viewing nude art photos...?
If a nude posed photo is art... how does one know if he is viewing it in that way that is apreciating the art of it and not in the way that is arousing, like pornography? If he isn't getting an erection, but is yet drawn to the beauty of the smooth skin and curves of the nude model, and even beautiful parts of the model, like the breasts and other body parts... can all this be done and still be called just appreciating art... or is this getting off? I'm a man, and of course, I like women. Like all men I like different parts of a woman's body sexually. How can I know that I am appreciating art and not sinning by lusting and coveting?
Lust is ok -- we give these natural sexual impulses too much baggage. I found that I was able to -- ironically -- be more loving when I allowed myself to lust.
I always want to admire my breasts in the mirror and feel them. Is this weird? Why do I even have this desire?
I always want to look at my breasts naked. I often find myself going into bathrooms and lifting my shirt and bra up just to get a glimpse of my own breasts, and I don't know why.
I mean I see them as a work of art and I think they are very beautiful.
I enjoy cupping them and feeling around my nipples.
This is just what has been up with me lately and I just want to know why I am so fascinated with my *utters*. They are just milk carriers, so why am I so obsessed?
Do you have any idea about why I am always wanting to admire my breasts? And is this normal?
It's not overly strange. You're proud of your body, and there are probably lots of people who are encouraging you to be proud of it...

They're not just "milk carriers" - they're an expression of your sexuality, a part of you that guys find very attractive, and part of what makes you, on a physical level at least, who you are.
Is there any Latina women or White women who are BBW out there that find Asian guys attractive?
The term BBW aka big beautiful women is a subjective, visually-determined concept that does not have an explicit lower or upper weight limitation, and may denote women who may be considered barely voluptuous to those who are quite large.

The term has several near-synonyms with varying shades of meaning:

Full-figured or Rubenesque - the latter term referring to the art of Peter Paul Rubens, best known for portraying full-bodied women.

Voluptuous and zaftig usually connote ripeness, sensuality, and a body shape involving large breasts and wide hips.
im not big but im beautiful :)....and latino :D
Art History Please Help!!!!?
1. A symbol of life and of women, the niloofar, or ___________, is a common motif in Persian pottery.
Figure of Ishtar
The water lily
The lotus flower
The moon

2. In its original splendor, Babylonia’s famous Ishtar Gate was believed to be:
as impenetrable as it was beautiful
visible from several miles away
rimmed with gold
a brilliant blue color

3. Prehistoric works of art are designated as such because the society that created them did not possess:
spoken language
written language

4. What type of pyramid is a ziggurat?
A step pyramid
A painted pyramid
An inverted pyramid
A double-shelled pyramid

5. Art created more than 5,000 years ago is considered:

6. Zinc and ochre oxides, along with other natural elements, were used to:
prepare animal hides for painting
decorate the Venus of Willendorf
paint the cave paintings of Altamira
coat clay bricks used to build ziggurats

7. Sumerian leader Gudea held the office of:
High priest

8. “Paleolithic” is another name for the:
Dawn of civilization
Old Stone Age
Bronze Age
Pre-Christian era

9. Which of the following is not a feature of the Venus of Willendorf statuette?
Plaited hair

10. What famous historian claimed, "Babylon surpasses in splendor any city in the known world"?
Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Younger
1 - the water lily
2 - brilliant blue colour
3 - written language (but not 100% certain)
4 - step pyramid
5 - prehistoric (just by process of elimination)
6 - paint the cave painting of altamira
7 - governor
8 - old stone age
9 - face (they have no face only the plaited/braided hair or head dress)
10 - herodotus

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