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Which asian girl and boy(pics)?
im doing a project for the cambodian community and i need to pick a cambodian girl and boy. I cant chose i think they are all gorgeous so you guys pick for me. Thanks :)

srey no:…
Dj Ano:…


Pick a guy and a girl :)
Dj Ano and Freshie. Contact me please, remember my question where you offered to help me? psunjka @
Does this little baby boy look half asian/white? *pics*?
Your input is greatly appreciated ( :
From the pictures provided he looks more like Casper than a person.
Cute asian boys PICS?
I dont wanna any asian guys that are famous....just random pics like if you have a cute asian guy friend just send me his pic :3 Its for a project~!!!! So I will give you credit…
Ladies!! What type of look do you love most on hot East Asian men?? (Pics included)?
Do you like
1. The pretty boy (tall, skinny, pretty lips and long typical stylish hair) type?

For example………


2. The hardas* (Strong square jaw, ripped, shaved head, and meaner looking) type

For example…………

A lot of people say im more of a number two which really nicks me off considering all the girls i know all go for the number 1 type...
What do you like better??

No racism! If you dont like Asian men's appearance at all then just don't say anything and move on to another question!!!

appreciated heaps
i like a shorter asian guy with a more athletic build, but not really muscular and with a baby face and wavy hair:
my boyfriend hahaha and he's better than all men evaaa!!! :D
oh and because ummm my boyfriend is just hott and cute perfect, yea?
thats my reason :D
Boys layered asian hair?
I'm a boy, and i'm looking for a good decent cut. I prefer medium length, with the typical asian sideburns and bangs. Any pics? and no, I don't want buzz cuts or anything...

How do layered asian hair look like?

thanks :D
*smiles brightly* mmm pretty hair…

Found that when i was looking for idea's for a character in my book, maybe you'll find something on that page
How would a asian hairstyle look on a white person? pics included.?
Im a white boy and i've been repping the flip for too long now and i really want to switch it up. I see those crazy asain hairstyles and i really want one. but the thing is.. i dont know how it would look on a white guy cause it seems like they only suites asians. I have never seen a white guy with it and im just wondering what your opinions would be on this.

Heres a picture of me and a picture of a hairstlye i kinda want.


Hair i want(will obvs be a bit diffent)
ewww. no way.
ur current hairstyle looks pretty good, i'd keep it!
Hey american girls, do u think asian guys are hott?
pics of korean guys……

i heard most white girls dont like asian boys, but i think these korean boy band is soo hootttt
They are cute.
But hot is too strong of a word.
Why are people always saying Asian women are so thin?From what I have seen they are not. (pics included)?
Most Asian women have flat wide pudgy bodies and look like the Pillsbury dough boy. Seriously they really do,,....
Pudgy Japanese girls
More pudgy girls from the supposed "thin peoples"
Except Chinese women, who are very thin and pretty. :) like this one
You have problems. Those girls aren't even pudgy.
Do East asian(japanese,chinese,korean etc) like South asian(Pakistani) girls?
I am a Pakistani girl 17years old .. and i wanna know if japanese or korean,chinese boys like pakistani girls... i am not being a racist its just that i am attracted to east asian boys for some reason especially japanese... i think they are extremely cute... soo here are my pics if you want to know how i look ... would a japanese guy like me by any chance???
Afnan is totally gonna steal your pictures....
This question is mainly for Caucasian women but Asian women are welcome too?
For the physical attraction, I notice that majority of the white women tend to attract to the big, tall, muscular, handsome guys, with a little bad boy images on the outside like Jamie Dean, The Rock, Batista, Triple H, Randy Orton...etc.

Asian women tend to attract to the clean-cut, model-type, lean built, handsome looking guys like those Korean movie stars such as Won Bin...etc.

These links down here are the pics of the Vietnamese models Nguyen Binh Minh

height: 6'5"
weight: approx 230 lbs.

Mainly, I just wanna hear the your opinions to see if my assumption is right or not.………………
I'm asian i just like men in general. I like em big and comfy, thin but fit, muscular or not... just as long as you have good hygiene. i'm good with u.

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