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Sony Handycam HDD MPG Vids and editing on a MAC (Calling Professional / Amateur Movie Makers!)?
Ok, so i have a sony handycam and i am trying to edit the videos on it using iMovie or Final Cut. So, I bought a plug-in / codec from apple called the M-PEG 2 play back. I downloaded it and no audio plays and then I realized there is no audio tracks linked!!

Needless to say I returned the codec. One problem, how else can i edit the video on here WITH full audio and all!?

Since "real movie makers would be dealing with film cameras from Panavision or Cinealta or Arris or a few others - and indies would be capturing DV or HDV format video to miniDV tape (or exernal hard drive or a few flash memory rigs), asking them for help might not be in your best interest.

Since you are using a consumer hard disc drive based camcorder recording to highly compressed MPEG-2, I'll guess you are getting standard definition video. It would be helpful if you provided the Macintosh model and operating system version - and the camcorder model number...

You need to transcode the video to something your video editors can deal with...

If you only want to watch the video, download and install Flip4Mac…

For editing, then you need to transcode the MPG files to MOV or MP4 files. MPEG StreamClip works well…

After the transcoding is complete, quite MPEG StreamClip and launch iMovie. Drag the converted files to the capture area.
Virtual Dub Help with installing Virtual Dub!?
I have problems with running this program. The motive for me using this program is to convert my avi file/s to gif. I've downloaded the program extracted the files and run the VirtualDub. But when i try to add my avi file it will not let me. It says Cannot locate decompresser file MPG or something. I have no idea what that means and what to do.

Can someone please explain to a amateur what the simple steps to installing this and get it working correctly. Because i really need this.

I really appreciate your time.
Your problem sounds like a missing codec. Codecs are a way of compressing and decompressing video, and virtualdub sometimes needs special ones thanks to how it works. Since I don't know what codec your avi file is using (though Xvid or DivX is likely), I can't recommend exactly what you need. Gspot may be able to:

From there, Google for a virtualdub-compatible codec for whatever it tells you. The CCCP might also work if you enable Video For Windows (VfW):…

This site seems to have a lot of codecs:…

It's been a while since I've edited video with Virtualdub/on Windows, so if any of that was confusing, feel free to ask me.
Which car make is best for me?
My dad is going to find himself in the market again pretty soon and he's looking to get me a 2010-2011 car that's better than the one I have now.

Going to college is really hard when driving in a 13mpg attention grabbing sports coupe. I'm looking for more of a business sedan class car that can show a bit of personality and "youth" with some good mpg's. A car that has 'college' written all over it? A car that can turn heads, but not so much for Ricers (amateur street racers) to be revving at me all the time. Hatchbacks look great to me as well, I really don't like coupes right now.

Foreign or American? I personally like Mazda's because of the way they look and the interior design, but if anything I'm also looking for reliability and durability. I guess manufacturer reputation is also a factor in our decision. Between 15000 and 25000 is our range technology package not included.
Honda Fit or Scion xB.

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